Nugget Wars
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The town is being overrun by nuggets! Thousands of chicken nuggets have escaped from the frying pan from the fast food restaurant! They make trouble everywhere and rob everything! Even some nuggets have evolved amazingly... What’s their purpose? We interviewed the leader of the chicken nuggets, and it said: The chicken nuggets would hold their flags, unwilling to be ruled by humans anymore, and vow to establish a country belonging to chicken nuggets.

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LIVE CHART Battle of the nuggets

About Nugget Wars

Nugget Wars is a blockchain game based on Ethereum. All chicken nuggets have different types of characteristics. The nuggets are all different, but they have one thing in common: they're rebellious. Nugget wars mechanism can bring more changes and liquidity to the entire community and games. Token buyers can also vote on the direction of the whole story through DAO. Chicken nuggets can escape across the world and decide where they will end up. Build a nation ... or end up being eaten by humans?

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captain Laris


Nuggets Captain

engineer Andrew


Nuggets Engineer

hostage Carolin


Nuggets Hostage



Nuggets Creator

Laris helps us to to launch our project and quickly solve any technical problems and support constant stability of our project.

Andrew is a certified moderator who aims to bringing the best work for our community and our project. He constantly bring new ideas and initiatives for the growth of our token economics.

Carolin has diverse exper of global creative projects including illustration for established companies. She's very outspoken and strict at following instructions.

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